FZ70 Announced. Is This Just Another Frankencamera?

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Re: I am very afraid..,

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

why do people test these 1200 focal lengths by trying to photograph a maggot half a mile away? The real use is photographing things like small birds from as little as 4- 5 meters away from the camera.

Because it's a 'party trick'. "Look - would you believe this (grainy, indistinct) seagull was an eight of a mile away?"

Very impressive, I guess - but yielding a photo that most people would not consider all that good.

The FZ200 with its constant f/2.8 zoom is so much more valid, allowing the user to shoot at lower ISO through the zoom range and effectively counter the limitations of its small sensor. That made sense. This FZ70 just lumps in with the other ridiculous long super mega zooms.

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