Cell phones not taking over?

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Re: cell phones never will "take over".. and here's why...

brownie314 wrote:

salla30 wrote:

this has been done to death. As soon as the last thread slips off the page, another one pops up.

Glen is right above, 100% right. If ever the cellphone can provide what the dedicated camera offers we will all jump for joy.

And, as the cellphone will always be a compromise of many products, it will never replace or take over the markets for the dedicated products which it seeks to emulate.

1st off, the cell phone has to fit the basic constraint of form and size to meet market expectation and sell. It has to be flat and small enough to fit in a trouser pocket, we cannot really change this as a first premise to satisfy. Now we can analyse into which markets the cellphone encroaches and why it will not take over:

Will it replace the computer? No, it's too small.

Will it replace the TV? No, its too small.

Will it replace the DVD/Blueray player? No, it offers only limited file playing capabilities and can't play the discs themselves

Will it replace dedicated audio products? No, because of audio component quality and storage compromises - it's just not "pure" enough for enthusiasts

Will it replace the camera? No, because of size constraints mainly - too small

Will it replace the tablet? No, because of size constraints mainly - too small

Will it replace the hard drive or USB stick? No, because it's too big physically to replace USB sticks and offers non-cost effective mass storage.

Whatever it does it's a COMPROMISE and there will ALWAYS be something better suited to doing it's job in any area. You change one function to improve it and another function loses out.

It will of course have an impact on the various markets and will affect future development and marketing in each market potentially, but replace it, or take it over? Never. It's human nature. There will always be a core of the market which will seek a no compromise solution.

It excels at being a jack of all trades, that's all. Truly excellent at being masters of none. Not even as a phone

What he said.

I will never figure out why people go on a website (for example a photography website) and say things they know will incite the people there. Let me go look up the dog lovers website and drop a thread that asks if cats will take over as the number one pet, because they are "better than dogs". Or let me go to the Ninja website and suggest that a pocket knife is better than a ninja sword - they both cut right?

If we were talking about cats on a dog forum, you'd have a point. If it was a pet forum then both cats and dogs would seem fair game.

This is an 'Open Talk' forum on a 'Digital Photography Review'. That would seem to cover the full range of issues in digital photography, no matter the specific device or medium.

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