Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

yardcoyote wrote:

I've been following this debate with great interest, and have decided that a modern camera with an APS-C sensor is probably the way for me to go. The sensor is plenty big enough for the web and the small to medium sized prints I usually make, and some of the other current features described in the post above, like Live View for macro, sound like things I would actually use. Plus,a smaller, lighter camera is more likely to be with me when I want it.

The thought of physically modifying my old lenses makes me nervous, and I would probably never do it. I am not a photographer who is always changing lenses-- used to keep one lens on the K1000 for months, if not years, at a time and made it do for everything-- so if I get a Pentax DSLR, I will almost certainly buy at most one or two modern lenses (almost certainly primes) to supplement the kit zoom. I can then experiment with the old collection, which will cost me nothing. A cheerful thought, that.

Good decision.

Huge strides have been made the DSLR world not to take advantage of the latest technology, and moving to a Pentax  makes a lot of sense. There's learning curve of course, but not overly difficult. The result is a cam (k30, K50 or K5) that produces images with exceptional IQ time after time, and which gives you the confidence to extend you shooting in pretty well every situation - extreme low light, legacy lens use, macro, the lot.

I have a nostalgic streak with Pentax & Konica and collect both. In fact I am shortly picking up a nice MX-1 with winder in Paris!  I have a few decent Pentax lenses but nothing to ccompare with the results that a small Ltd prime might give me. I generally buy s/h and try to be patient. Outstanding examples are to be found, especially in the classified sections on the forums.

Good luck & enjoy!

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