5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

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Re: 5D3 vs D800E: Diminishing Returns or Reversal of Returns?

Almost no returns for your intended application and IMO almost no returns for most peoples application, and maybe reversal of returns for mainstream consumers because the reality is that resolution needs have *shrunk*. It is only those few photographers that are already doing something so uniquely phenomenal where they know they need this better AA-less pixel peeping 100% crops that need it...but at the same time I am 100% certain that more than a few pros will still suffer from more *wants* than actual *needs* and there are more photographers that consider themselves to be in this category than there actually are. I would say it is more likely that someone shoots the Nikon cause perhaps they prefer the newer 18-35 or the great 14-24, the cheap but effective 85mm 1.8G, etc. And I bet most professional Nikon users themselves would rather have the higher FPS of their D700 back...

I do not see the point of 4k TV either unless you have awkward viewing distances or want a TV the size of your wall. Broadband digital distribution will typically apply certain 'economics' towards bandwidth for given *quality* which is determined by rather practical and bright engineers that will assess practical subjective quality for given bitrate or filesize of media. As such it is highly unlikely that these bright folks will consider the transmittal of full-sized uncompressed RAW images or videos across the net. As such your 4k media has no real 'source' of high quality image/video unless you yourself create it, or you buy into the hype of newer 'hard' media from Sony (i.e. super duper blu-ray or whatever they come up with). I can assure you that unless you live in Google fiber-enabled Kansas, you will be waiting a *long* time for broadband digital distribution to catch up.

4k only provides a benefit for certain 3D technologies where pixels are split to create some stereoscopic image and thus resolution is halved. 4k just provides you a stereoscopic 1080p image in this instance. Don't buy into the 4k hype for other still or video usage that is not 3D as you will just go down another road of diminishing returns or even reversal of returns (as perhaps a regular 1080p TV that concentrates more on say blacker blacks, better local dimming, or non-crappy interpolated frames may look better to you). You might get swayed by these 4k kiosks...but guess what Bose audio sells plenty of garbage via demonstrations and kiosks as well, but their build quality and actual audio quality is very questionable for the price...

The truth is what most folks would probably enjoy are camera's that shoot with good enough MPs, dynamic range, *and* high FPS when needed...but that seems to carry an artificial price hike. If my Olympus E-PM2 can fire away at 8 fps burst, I think they can design FF camera's that do the same for cheaper as well. They need to keep improving on low vibration high FPS mechanisms and not AA and MP hype.

BTW I'd say one example of maybe utilizing those 50% larger D800 RAW files would be if you wanted to produce a rather silly Ken Burns animated photo collage that lets you 'zoom' deeper into the image maybe 5% more?

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