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Re: the "John Waynes"? is this some sort of joke?

We are all well aware that for some "special" folk, the world does not exist beyond the bounds of their own backyards, but whatever you may believe about yourself, you do need to comply with the laws of the land in which you are situated. If you visit the UK, you may not come armed and you may not use unreasonable force against others. You do not get to decide what is reasonable, either. Please feel free to try it out and see how it goes down.

By the way, thank you for calling me a "clown". That is very kind of you. And brave, considering that you are sitting far far away on a computer. Internet hardmen are ten a penny but thankfully, dumb, gung-ho hillbillies are becoming more of a rarity. No wonder you cling on to your guns and "privacy" so dearly; you are part of a dying breed. Go polish your home defence system in your bunker.

Son Of Waldo wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

Laws vary around the world. Clouting a thief with anything more than your fist might land you in an awful lot of trouble, even if you were just protecting yourself. Being a citizen of another country (particularly the US) will not protect you if you commit an assault in a foreign land. Don't forget that a group of six theives means five witnesses to confirm that it was YOU who made the first move. Not speaking the language will also not help.

Most countries do not like "John Waynes" and would treat you accordingly. This comment is not driven by any personal opinion or bias; it is irrefutable fact and well worth bearing in mind before going all urban warrior. Your embassy will not be able to help you if you assault someone with a weapon in broad daylight with witnesses.

Also, whatever it is worth to them, it is worth much less than your life or liberty is worth to you.

your "irrefutable facts" don't exist in my world, MisterHairy. But you might get a free shave, if you earned one, that is.

the 'irrefutable fact' that some clown on dpreview (another stranger) are telling other people what they might or might not do when their privacy has clearly been trespassed upon, is laughable, at best.

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