Folks with "3n" experiences.

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Re: Folks with "3n" experiences.

BobT wrote:

My question is.....would the NEX-3n be a comparable camera system to consider? Or would I need to move up the line quite a bit in quality and $$$ to achieve anything like I've become accustomed to with my DSLR? Thanks for the remarks.

The 3N is lacking in a couple ways, first off is the low resolution rear screen, it isn't ideal for manual focus, but it does the job. Also, there is no option for a viewfinder on that camera, so it is less than ideal for telephoto lenses. Image quality on the 3N sensor is excellent, no issue there.

Secondly, there is nothing on the NEX system that will match your 70-200mm f/4 L in terms of quality, but maybe you don't need that kind of quality?  I would say the compact cameras are weak in terms of native telephoto lenses, because the systems are designed more around being compact and telephoto starts to require viewfinder, etc.

That being said, I love the compact system cameras.  The 3N is a good buy with the lens, and the built in flash is nice for the people who use those.  My favorite NEX is the 6 since it has the viewfinder build in, still has the built in flash but also has a hot shoe for a wireless trigger.  It also has a higher res rear screen and feels better quality.


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