FZ70 Announced. Is This Just Another Frankencamera?

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Re: Good enough for birding?

Dogglet wrote:

Ever since I realized I couldn't afford Canon's 600mm f/4 for birding purposes on my EOS600D, I've been pinching my GF's FZ150 + LT-55 combo (which I bought for her 1.5 years ago) for birding, while I just use the Canon for macro and portraits.

It's probably going to work fairly good for birding, especially in your sunny environment. Same here in So California. Similar to you, I had been eyeing another Canon Super Telephoto. In this case it's the 500mm f4 IS to use with the Canon 1.4x. But even the previous version is going for about $6,000.00 in good shape.

As much as I'd like to hit that "Buy" button for the 500mm, I've resisted the temptation for the time being.

I also use the LT-55 on my FZ150 and FZ200. To me that combo looks OK but only in the center of the frame. So new cameras with a big zoom grab my attention wondering if the lens will outperform that combination I have. Even moderately. At a price of $400 or under, that's a pretty easy unit to add to your lineup.

We'll just have to wait for enough samples to make a reliable conclusion.

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