GH3 - a pleasure to use

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Re: GH3 - a pleasure to use

Macintosh Sauce wrote:

robonrome wrote:

Hi mac sause, so far the only weathersealed Panasonic lenses are the 12-35 and 35-100. Olympus has a 12-50 and also a 60mm macro which are weathersealed. I have the 12-35 and the 60olympus.

If I get the GH3, or its successor, I will get the 12-35mm and 35-100mm lenses for sure. Still trying to decide if I want the E-P5 or the GH3. :/

If you are looking at the 6D (very nice camera BTW), then maybe consider the GH3, as it has the bigger body and grip - it is more DSLR like.  Also - with the Pany 12-35 & 35-100 lenses, look at how much smaller/lighter/less expensive they are as compared to the FF equivalents.  You can't go wrong.

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