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Re: Got my GH3 today

I wear glasses too, the first time I lifted the GH3 up to my eye my initial reaction was "oh no, it really is as bad as some say". However after a few days adjusting and realizing that there is just a very narrow angle of non-distorted view it doesn't bother me anymore. It is a shame they didn't invest in a better EVF but its completely functional for most uses. I still perfer the GH3s near perfect ergonomics and average EVF to the OM-D's rather cramped layout but better EVF.

I am very confused by these complaints about thje GH3's EVF. How can it possibly be so much worse than the elderly G1's EVF, which I use regularly and is possibly the best I have ever encountered? Could somebody please explain what's going on here?

Now I'm near-sighted but don't wear glasses, just have the G1's diopter adjusted to my eyes.

Not sure anyone said it is worse than the G1, it is a slight step down overall from the OM-D though. Mainly its not the EVF itself but the design on the optics in front on the EVF. I think because they decided to put a 16:9 EVF in they had to design almost a wide-angle lens in front of it. Unfortunately if you are not looking dead center you get some edge blur/distortion. Its not a complete non-issue but it definitely gets blown out of proportion on forums like this.

I sold my G1 a while ago, but in some ways I prefer that viewfinder over the GH3 one.  One of the very first things that really impressed me with the G1 was the viewfinder.  It was a big, bright picture - an absolute joy to use.  Including mine, I have looked through about 5 different GH3 EVF's and they all suffer from the same problem:  from my guess, Pany saved something on the budget in the optics for the EVF and there is a more narrow angle of view when looking through it before the view becomes a little distorted.  I am used to it, but there has been the odd time when it is a little annoying, but you are right - it does get blown out of proportion on the forums.  Not a deal breaker by any means - the GH3 is still an excellent camera.

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