FZ70 Announced. Is This Just Another Frankencamera?

Started Jul 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
Marius Oosthuizen
Marius Oosthuizen Junior Member • Posts: 40

FZ70 16.1 MP Small Mos Censor + Low Light = NOISE NOISE NOISE !!!

Good for the "not now anything about cameras" consumer market buyer.

This is just a "stay in the biggest zoom market" , but suppose nothing wrong with that for the

happy snappers out there. Is all about Market research. I'm sure it will be better than the Canon SX50HS.

Mark my words, the successor to the FZ200 ( FZ250? ) is near release.

Not sure how they can improve on the FZ200.

I owned all the FZ models, and the best one was the FZ50 with the manual zoom barrel, I wish

Panasonic could bring back that Mechanical Manual Zoom and Focus barrel, maybe, just maybe they surprices us with the FZ250?

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