Your experiences with both the Oly 14-42 II kit lens and the Oly 12-50?

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Re: Your experiences with both the Oly 14-42 II kit lens and the Oly 12-50?

These are fantastic, but clearly post processed. Can you tell me how you processed them please, because they seem to be missing any CA whatsoever.

Did you use a polarizing filter to get that tone of blue in the sky?

Did you shoot RAW, if so what RAW developer sw did you use?

I didn't take those photos but I've taken similar so here goes.

Sorry to revive a long dead post, but you don't need a polarizer to get that tone of blue ***in those scenarios***.

Basically, what you don't register at first from those photos is that the shoots were very likely insanely bright, as is common in desert-like regions on sunny days. To combat that you have to severely step down ISO speed, step up your shutter speed, and likewise close your aperture to let less light in... all in some combination.

That's how you would normally get that kind of photo without any special filters. In normal shooting environments, you typically can't do that without overly darkening the land areas as well, but in situations where you're literally flooded with light (read: almost to the point where you still have to squint through sunglasses to see) that works well.

I haven't been on vacation anywhere exotic for a long time (years now), but that method works very well for those conditions (even on compact P&S which is all I had back then).

In normal conditions, it can still help your photos to some degree, but a filter is probably a better choice, as you don't normally have sufficient light to pull that off.

Sorry for reviving a dead post, but just thought I'd share for anyone reading. Mostly because you DON'T need expensive filters or lenses to get that style shot in those conditions... just good manual controls for your cam. Cheers!

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