Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

Choices between formats is never easy and everyone is different. There are some on this forum that have gone from full frame to Pentax APS-c because of size and weight. There are some who have gone the other way for want of narrower depth of field.

But we're talking about a 7 year old camera vs a camera released a year ago. A lot has changed in electronics in that time.  Screen sizes are 2.5" on the 5d vs 3" on the k30 - a 44% difference in square inches plus the quality of lcd's has improved a ton. 100% viewfinders were rare then - even the pro level 5 d has a viewfinder that won't match what you'll see as it has a 96% viewfinder. Weather sealing vs not. Live view with focus peaking which is very helpful for macro shooting is absent on the 5d. The k30 has some helpful tools like an electronic level or a way of adjusting the framing of an image when the camera is mounted on a tripod without touching the tripod by using the sensor shift function. A warranty vs not. The 5d having a limit of iso3200 vs 25600 on the Pentax. Video capability on the pentax not on the canon.

All this is not to say that the 5d is not a great camera and the points that unexpressivecanvas are all valid.  I've seen images from the 5d and it is certainly capable of great photos.  But I thought you should be able to balance the two cameras.  And if you think you might want to upgrade to a full frame camera in the future, many pentax lenses, including the ones you already own, are full frame compatible.  But even if Pentax would release a full frame camera now, I'm not sure I would buy one.  Why?  Well the question is also the answer - apsc gives me 20x30 prints with great detail.  Why do I need more?

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