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This is probably the first time we are all seeing such a ghastly act on video. Upto now it has all been hearsay, but this is probably the first time one gets to see a lens being taken/stolen of the camera in broad daylight. Equipment stolen from a camera bag or from a car is understandable. But while it is actually on the camera and around the owners neck, that is unique. And strangely for the first time just the lens is targeted not the full camera+lens combo.

The six guys had their adrenalin running high, you can see their energy in the video, all they were interested in doing was to finish this job and move onto the next and in such a moment they can do anything. So getting physical or thinking of using a weapon, you may end up losing your life, not just the camera.

The only thing in my opinion, the tourist could have done was stop in his tracks and move in the opposite direction (back where he came from). Even if he was not aware of what was going to happen, when chased by a group of beggars (in some parts of Asia)  or touts in a tourist destination, rather than go where they lead you, one should go the opposite way or go and stand against a wall or enter a shop. That would have upset their flow and the main lens remover would have lost his placement in the group and if the victim was the only target of the day, they would follow him but if there were other tourists in the area, he may have gotten away as they guys would have to regroup and rearrange their pawns. Normally if there were many tourists in the area, he may have got away and they would have moved onto the next target.

Too many if's but just thinking aloud, like everyone else.

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