frequently do you guys use them?

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Teila Day
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If there's no "problem" then don't use a filter

Doug Pardee wrote:

For some specific kinds of photography, specific filters can be useful. But if your photography interests lie elsewhere, filters are a waste of money.

Doug is 100% correct.

Here's a basic way to look at filter usage.  Use a filter to solve a problem.  Reduce glare indoor and outdoors, etc.. (Circular polarizer), enable you to reduce your shutter speed by a large margin or compensate for high power studio strobes that can't be turned down any lower when you can't compensate for the high power using shutter speed or aperture (ND filters)... shooting mud wrestling and don't have enough time to clean mud spattered lenses because it's quicker just to remove the premium clear filter (UV is pretty much worthless), etc., and so on...

There are countless more reasons why to use a filter to solve an actual problem OR to create a particular affect - and if you're photography does not require you to use a filter, save your money and put it towards a hand held light meter or something far more useful than a wasted piece of glass in front of your lens.  

Best in photography to everyone

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