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Re: Got my GH3 today

helimech wrote:

Didn't have much chance to play with it, sadly. I was really busy.

BUT: The ergos are darn near perfect. Oh, I could find a few quibbles, but it fits my hands perfectly, the most used controls fall readily to hand, er. finger. Like anything, it will take some time to learn to use it without having to think about the controls, but it's the most comfortable, natural feeling body I've used in a long, long time. time will tell, but I think even better than my beloved EOS-1 film camera, which up until now I'd list as my fave.

But, the camera isn't perfect. I'm amazed at how poor the viewfinder optics are, and I'm surprised this camera got out of Panasonic's development shop this way. I wear glasses, which probably makes it worse, but I have to wear my glasses. Other people say that after a while they don't notice any issues, so I'll give it some time, but it's a real disappointment on a body where everything else is just so right.

I wear glasses too, the first time I lifted the GH3 up to my eye my initial reaction was "oh no, it really is as bad as some say". However after a few days adjusting and realizing that there is just a very narrow angle of non-distorted view it doesn't bother me anymore. It is a shame they didn't invest in a better EVF but its completely functional for most uses. I still perfer the GH3s near perfect ergonomics and average EVF to the OM-D's rather cramped layout but better EVF.

I am very confused by these complaints about thje GH3's EVF. How can it possibly be so much worse than the elderly G1's EVF, which I use regularly and is possibly the best I have ever encountered? Could somebody please explain what's going on here?

Now I'm near-sighted but don't wear glasses, just have the G1's diopter adjusted to my eyes.

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