FZ70 Announced. Is This Just Another Frankencamera?

Started Jul 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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sderdiarian wrote:

Life's full of compromises . Hey, for a measly $400 (figure $300 in 6 months), its a fun tool that allows you to shoot virtually any subject provided you have decent light and don't plan on cropping much.

Agree completely. There's a lot of "gear elitists" who think compact zooms are worthless when the zoom range becomes anything more than modest. Yes there's going to be a compromise when you expand that range, but with a little care you have a lot of fun with these cameras and get some pretty decent photos.

Your comment about the cropping is where I stand also. These sensors don't stand up to cropping much in my opinion. Which is why they NEED these big zooms if you like to shoot distant subjects. I do. I have the LT55 1.7x converter which I've used on both my FZ150 and FZ200. The results are OK but I just don't like that difference enough to go out and shoot with it regularly. It does however work nicely for video resolution which is much lower.

Other than a couple lemons, Panasonic usually puts out a nice product. I'm wondering if they will do a version of this camera with more features, articulating LCD, better video etc.  I'll wait for a while to see before grabbing this one.

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