SONY "needs" a High Res 36+ mirror-less body in the A mount line up, Time has come.

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SONY "needs" a High Res 36+ mirror-less body in the A mount line up, Time has come.

SONY "needs" a High Res 36mp+ (note the +) mirror-less body in the A mount line up.

They obviously have the tech. (D800e/D600 sensor, Aptina pat, access to OLY AF and IS/VR tech) , they "will" need some FAST processing, even down to the review of images. and PDAF/CDAF on sensor and fast CAF. usb3, new fast/big 64gb SD cards     (WIFI imho, but unrelated).

IF, SONY's intent is to "Sell the Razar Blades" = More LENS. New Great Zeiss Weather Sealed lens is one thing ( I Love It!) , they "need" a high resolution Body to exploit it as well, it matters. To show it off, to SELL IT.

Even DXO lens test reflect it. a great resolving lens with low CA cannot be exploited to it's fullest without a High Resolution , High DR Sensor. like the D800e.

It's the Combination of LENS and BODY (Sensor) that matters. The weak link brings the total experience down. (this is what made the RX1 "tuned" combination so great)

Canon shooters are complaining about the 500mm & 600mm compares vs Nikon with the D800. but in reality you have to really compare the combo that is available. but lets not debate that review.

Now, look at the DXO TOP lens list:

Some of these SONY / Zeiss rankings would change if SONY had a 36mp + a mount body.

And the Result would be MORE LENS Sales for SONY , which by the way benefits all SONY shooters. One of them, could be lower prices. not cheap , but lower, and competitive with N & C.

Have to do a large corp group shot next week, have done groups as large as 500 + ... choice? D800. If SONY had a high res D800e option, would I choose it, YES !

That's my view, what's yours?

Hope this helps,


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