Lessons Learned the Scary Way (photo back-up in the field)

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Great read, Roel!

Thanks Roel for a nice read, and very glad you were able to retrieve your photos.

On my very first long distance journey with the E-1 (7 weeks abroad), I learned very quickly to backup daily (or when you get the chance).  I had a Kingston 4GB card, full, and on a long 5+ hour hike in high humidity (not saying either of these contributed to the card failure), the card failed.

Nowadays I backup as soon as I can, or at the latest, once a day.  I still use a Nexto OTG with 60GB hard drive (basically a device that copies a CF card to HDD), though by today's standards it's ancient technology.  In 2007, it was state-of-the-art!  But, it's the only thing that existed in 2007 that suited my backup needs.

Currently I backup after every photoshoot, as soon as I return to my car.  I keep the backup on my body (pocket, etc.) until I get home and copy it to my computer (and subsequent multi-destination backups), since many photoshoots can't be reproduced equivalently.  I always think, "What happens if I leave my camera in my car, and it's stolen?"  What happens to those unique engagement or wedding photos?  They can't be re-created in the same fashion.  So, I backup as soon as possible.

Glad your "lesson" was learned in a way that didn't negatively affect your photography!  Maybe a few sweat beads but nothing too bad.


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