Another travel lens - what would you do? question

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Re: 14-24

Hi Craig,

These comments should be read with my other reply in mind.

1. I chose the 24-120 as my 'main' lens as I felt that the 24-70 would be too small a range and 'commit' you to carrying another tele. I wanted to keep it down to 2 lenses or less.

2. I chose the 14-24 over the 17-35f2.8, 16-35VR and similar, simply because the range complimented the 24-120 rather than having a substantial range overlap. I also considered buying the 15mm Zeiss (I love Zeiss lenses) but I had already exceeded my Zeiss limit for the year. Also, with fixed lenses you are committed to a certain field of vision. In landscape you can 'zoom with your feet', in travel, often you are limited in where you can go so a zoom is better. Lastly I also considered the 12-24 DX lens as it is quite useful after about 17mm in FX mode. While I love this little lens on the D200, I preferred the extra width of the 14-24.

3. I also considered just the 28-300 but felt it was not wide enough and the extra IQ I would get out of the 24-120 would be a preferred trade off for the longer reach which IMO would be less useful.

Finally, and it just may be me, I prefer a wider aperture over VR any day. Therefore, choosing between f2.8 no VR and f4 with VR, I will take the 2.8 every time.

Both these lenses(14-24 and 24-120), the D700, spare battery and CF cards fitted into my Lowepro Passport sling but the camera and chosen lens spent most of the time on my Black Rapid strap when actually shooting.

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