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Re: unusual battery life

nx200USER1 wrote:

Un dbutant wrote:

when i first got my nx300, i used the cam with whatever batt life it had

then i charged it.

Over the years I have always read that fully charging the battery before its inital use will guarantee its lifetime performance as per manufacturers specs. (not sure why, one would think that they are fully charged when leaving the manufacturers plant). This referred to lithium ion and lithium polymer (cheaper) batteries accompanying electronics products manufacturers instruction manuals. Basically what Im trying to say is that the instruction manuals always states that initally charging your battery is (apparently) very important.

I believe manufacturers' say to full charge Lithium Ion as sometimes batteries are shipped in a sleep mode that disables the protection circuit in the battery. Lithium Ion cells are permanently disabled if the voltage drops too low, a protection circuit prevents this from happening, but draws current itself, so for long storage from the factory this needs to be disabled. By fully charging the battery this sleep mode is disabled and the battery is activated. I think usually a small charge is all it takes to disable it though.

With some other technologies, they like you to fully charge them as you won't reach full capacity until you go through several charge/discharge cycles (NiMH).

If I had to wager a guess, the original poster's battery didn't actually charge the first time and is why it only got 100 shots. They only ship with 40% charge so you won't get a lot of shots from it.

Lithium Ion doesn't like to be fully discharged, so always store batteries with about 50% charge (1 hour on charger should do this), don't drain them completely and let them sit for months or they might deactivate and be unrecoverable.

Source: http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries


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