"I dream of wires"... are you kidding me?

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Re: Further clarification

Images by Kipper wrote:


In your reply you stated and suggested that “If I was given a hundred photos, I'd pare them down to ten and let voters decide.” Now I know that this idea has been discussed as a possible ‘New Idea Challenge Type’ in past forums during the many, many discussions on upgrading the Challenges. I see the type of approach you’re suggesting as being an excellent vehicle for some of our hosts, yourself as a prime example, and believe that many would support such Challenges. I know that I would and if I didn’t make the ‘Top Ten’ then I would be inclined to vote on the hosts nominated entries. Read as a self-admission that I find it troubling to vote in Challenges that I enter.

Cheers all ~ Kipper.

I was so pleased to read this.  This is an idea I've had for a challenge (actually, two separate challenges) that will be coming up in my challenge series in a month or two.  I will be interested to see how entrants respond to this.  I'll be posting more as the challenge date comes closer, and will be solicitating input (from hosts and from entrants) for rules suggestions.

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