P7700 vs D300

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Re: P7700 vs D300

Just for fun today, I was using the Comparometer over at imaging resource. I was mainly comparing a Nikon V1 and P7700, but tried some other cameras also. It was quite amazing to me how good the little P7700 did, even against a D800 (at ISO100).

I was using ISO100 and liked the first picture in the set of a lady holding flowers outdoors. They used a whiBal card in the shot and you could definitely see that the V1 was off on White balance and the P7700 nailed it, both showed  auto WB in exif data. The P7700 shows way better detail below the ladies blouse and flowers below her broach.

Anyway, an interesting time and if you have not done this, try it. I know the P7700 can get blown away at high ISO, but for shooting outdoors, it seems to hold its own very well - bper

BTW: This may be OT from the original post, but thought it was interesting comparing the P7700 with other cameras. If you try this, be sure and use the full size images.

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