Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

Megapixels matter but no as much as people tend to think. In a full frame (you are right, sensor size is equivalent to 35mm film size) the important measure is the ratio of photosite size to number of megapixels, which determines image quality and that's why for today standards the 5D is still a desirable solution. I crop my images some times and still the quality remains in 50% crops to allow printing 12*18 and over).

Also you are right that the lenses perform accordingly with the intended focal length. That's why is possible to get the same look as film. The two most important things with FF are: image quality and depth of field control.

The advantage I found with FF was that once I got into that path I know that all my lenses will be usable with the new models. So, in a couple of years I can buy a 5D-Mark III for a fraction of today's price and all my glass will work just fine. I see glass as a long term investment and bodies as something that depreciates very quickly, due to technology change.

There is an interesting discussion you may follow in LinkedIn for photographers:

or also this article form gizmodo:

My advise is try one, take a CF card with you, bring it back to your computer and you will realize that the most important thing in a new camera is the performance of the sensor. the rest is just accessory. After I got mine I just forgot about ergonomics, in-body image stabilization, water resistant, megapixels, so on. I think that in the last 10 years, those were the best $680 I spent. I believe I still can sell the camera for the same money or maybe a little more, as I have the L plate and the Canon battery grip, which was almost in brand new condition when i bought it.

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