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Re: Frustration....

Images by Kipper wrote:

I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment of frustration. I have trouble voting on Challenges that I enter so I vote on other Challenges; therefore I have no vested interest in the Challenge outcome. Still I get frustrated by the outcome of many of these Challenges.

Like you, I have also decided to take the results of these challenges with a huge grain of salt, and for quite a while now.

Our only hope and this has been said too many times before, Dpreview must clean out the Challenges sand box and let the honest kids play again.

There have probably been many suggestions made on how DPReview could do something about the challenge voting. They seem unwilling to do anything so I guess we'll just have to take what we get. I know that getting numerous 'poor' votes on a photo that is not poor is frustrating and sometimes rather disheartening. I would enjoy it if there was a way to turn the spotlight on people who make a practice of casting 'poor' votes against others in the challenges they enter.

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