Another LF1 blog post -- Random thoughts and Wi-Fi

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Re: Another LF1 blog post -- Random thoughts and Wi-Fi

I think TK's got big hands... It's small but not noticeably smaller than other similar cameras that have been around for a while (Canon's S line, Panasonic's own ZS travel zooms, etc). I might bulk mine up (by a fraction) and slap a grip on it, that front fascia's gonna be slippery if I've had a drink in my hand or if I've got gloves on etc. Seems Flipbac's grips don't protrude anymore then the control ring already does...

I've barely plated with the WIFI on mine but it's one of the big reasons I got it (much to the chagrin of many a serious photog it seems)... I know it's been said that you have to open the app first before initiating pairing thru NFC (cause otherwise it just opens a web link on your phone) but I'm curious to see if that can be changed.

On my first Android phone I actually had an app that allowed you to change the intents of many different triggers on the phone, like say, what music player would be called up when you press play on an external Bluetooth device (like a car'ssteering wheel controls)... Haven't had it installed in a while tho, might not even work with ICS/JB or it might not reveal any sort of NFC intent, worth a shot tho.

My other thought is just using Tasker to have the app auto launch when the phone detects the camera thru NFC... Kind of a lot of thought just to eliminate one step but what can I say, I'm a geek.

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