Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

Hi YardCoyote,

If you look at the link I sent, you will see the results that can be obtained with a camera that has already been depreciated. That's why I call it the best value out there for serious photography.

Even a brand-new full frame 6D, after discounts is in the range price of the high level aps-c, if it's bought with the 24-105mm kit lens (L). The 6D (brand new) plus the 24-105 was being sold last week for $1,900. The lens alone cost about $800 brand new, which means ythe ccost of a 6D isclose to $1,100.

But I chose the used 5D as it goes between $500 and $600. It was the first small size full frame that came to the market in 2005 and the original price was $3,400. Today is as good as it was then.

As other poster said, with today technology camera bodies are like cars: most brands are very reliable, offer good fuel economy and it becomes to personal preferences, style, brand loyalty or price (usually discounts). With any brand, you will be fine. But if you are cost conscious and on a budget, for long term performance and quality, at least from my personal perspective, nothing beats an old Canon 5D.

the old 5D s widely available and try to test one in a store that sells used gear. Try one and see if it fits your needs. It a camera for general use:sports, landscapes, portraits, etc. For an 8 year old sensor, 13 megapixels, the colors, image quality, light rendering is still almost unparalleled.

Also you still can use the K or M42 lenses on the 5D if you get a photodiox adapter k-Ef or M42-EF. There is a version with the focus chip confirm. I have both adapters but I am done with manual focusing and just enjoy the Canon glass on the 5D.

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