Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

Hi YardCoyote,

I understand your concerns and the valid reasons why you are asking opinions before investing in a new system.

My advise is you should also post the same questions in other forums so you can get a wider perspective of the current estate of DSLR and digital photography. All brands, including pentax offer a decent solution in the mid range of the APS-C. Yiu can get a Nokon D7100, a Canon 7D (and the mark II is coming soon) or a nice Sony. All brands offer good solutions at the price range of the Pentax K5/30/50

My opinions are based on my experience as a brand eclectic.In the past I owned (still own) Pentax Spotmatic 500 with several m42 Ricoh andTakumar lenses. Also I have a large collection of K lenses, like "A" 28mm, 50mm f1.8, 100mm. I also have a large collection of film OM Olympus, with one of the early production models of the OM-1, which I keep as a jewel. Also I have film Nikon cameras and lenses. After I went digital I have owned AGfa, Fuji, Canon P&S, Nikon D50, D70 and D80. Then I bought a Pentax K-5 and again new DA lenses.

Then one day I discovered the original Canon 5D, which some people call the 'Mark I' or the 'classic', and after using it for a few days I was selling all me recently purchased Pentax Digital gear and never looked back and I can tell you never in my life as an amateur photographer I have been so happy and pleased with the results of a single camera as I am with the Canon 5D.

I am not trying to sell you on the idea of buying one, but since you are asking for opinions I give mine. I don't have commercial interest or affiliations with any brand, less with Canon. I am not a fanboy or a brand whore, I just try different things/brands and I stick with what works for me. That's why when I finally discovered the 5D it was an eye opening experience.

The advantages of a camera like the 5D is that you get all the excellent quality image of shooting full frame and the low light performance of the 5D is still amazing for a camera that is 8 years old.

What I did was to get one just for trying, with the certainty that being already an affordable alternative, iI could sell it for the same money or just lose maybe 50 bucks in the process of buying and reselling. You can buy one for as low as $500 and even less. I paid for mine, with 2 CF cards, two batteries, a Canon battery grip and a plate for $670. Then I just bought a Canon 50mm 1.4, which I got brand new from Amazon for $299 and I was set for three months. After that period and when I was sure that I had found the perfect camera for my shooting style, I bought more lenses and now I have 17-40mm L, 85mm L, 100mm Macro L, 75-300mm. I don't need longer  reach than that as I h don't shoot that much wildlife or birds -only the metal ones-. As you said in your OP, Canon lenses are fully available, either brand-new or used. Canon is a leader in optics and the L glass offers a superior experience. They are not as expensive as people suggest and with the performance of the new sensors, it is giving new life to l lenses that are more affordable  like the EF F4 series (17-40, 24-70, 70-200).

The reasons I left Pentax was: very expensive lenses if you want to but the top of the line, Pentax pricing for lenses is unpredictable and has been jacked up crazily during the last years, the flash system is very archaic, Pentax only offers APS-C and medium format but there is not upgrade road for Full Frame, the focus on my K-5 was also hard to get sometimes. Also after i started using FF and the 5D I discovered that there was a camera so cheap that could beat the K-5 so easily. Those are my personal reasons and some people may disagree with that.

The Canon 5D is a basic system and for me it gives the closest and more enjoyable experience similar to what I had when shooting film. It lacks a lot of electronic gimmicks, which today for me are just a big distraction and a marketing thing. 5D doesn't do video or same as all other Nikon and Canon systems, doesn't offer in-body-stabilization, but so far I don't miss it. Another advantage of a Canon 5D is that you will learn how to wet clean a sensor as it is prone to collect some dust, but it doesn't  bother me.

You can visit this thread to get an idea of what people are producing with a camera that has been kicking around for the last 8 years and still can give the best photographic experience at a very reduced price. This is what I call the "perfect value

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