Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

Dear yardcoyote,

I made my decision about my first SLR approx. 35 years ago.

The things you have to consider now are the same as in those days in the late 70ties of the last century:

What do you need your camera for? Will you ever need very special and expensive lenses? (You make your decision not about a camera but on a System!) Which camera System fits best to your needs?

In those days situation was similar: Pentax was a small company and if you were looking around the professionals used Nikon and Canon.

But Pentax cameras were quite good, they were compact designed and very easy to use. (This was important for me through all the years - nothing is worse than not taking a Picture (or making it correctly) because you have to fight with your camera technique.

That days Pentax offered the ME for 576.- DM (I still remember the price) for the body with the 1.7 50mm lens. The ME was not the best camera Pentax was offering (I think in those days K2DMD was top) but it had everything a beginner needed.

In those days, years ago, Pentax was offering a far wider portfolio of lenses and gear (and a lot of little companies used the pK-System, too) - but to be honest: I never needed one of those very special lenses. For many years I carried around with me a 50 mm lens, a 28 mm lens, a 80-200 mm lens and later a 100 mm macro lens. Now I have a few more lenses - but to be honest: I still could be a good photographer with my gear I used when I was 15 years old.

I stayed with Pentax through all these years (with a short interruption for an Olympus bridge digicam) also because Pentax is something special. I am different - so my camera should be different, too. People compare the success of camera brands on the market - but Pentax builds cameras for the hands and the hearts of ist users. You will have a true companion with your Pentax DSLR. I was out in strong weather conditions - the Canons, Minoltas etc. of my colleagues failed but my Pentax worked on (in those days even without weather sealing).

Once I was interested in an extreme wide angle lens. I went to my dealer and he called Pentax Hamburg for information about availability of the lens. They told him, that they would have one copy of that lens. He asked what they would do, if I would buy that lens. They told him that Pentax would build a new one. To me Pentax has a smell of handmade excusivity. Even now.

If you are (or will be) in the position that you can afford lenses for thousends of Euro or Dollar - maybe you will have more fun with Nikon or Canon.

If you are limited with money and you would not be able to buy those high end lenses of Canon or Nikon you will find a couple of nice high Quality lenses Pentax offers. Also the lenses of Sigma and Tamron are often very good (I have a few Sigma lenses and I like them).

I still can recommend the Pentax System. I own the K5 and I would buy it again - but like me when I was a beginner with the ME - the lower priced models from Pentax are also very interesting.

I am sure you will not be angry with yourself about a decision for Pentax. But also if you select a differnt system: I wish you much fun and joy with your new camera and a lot of outstanding photographs and many inspirational moments with your camera.

Best regards


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