"I dream of wires"... are you kidding me?

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I've entered several challenges and had varying levels of success though I've never won 1st place. Without commenting on your entry or the winner in the 'Wires' challenge, I'll say that I understand your frustration.

What irks me though is not in losing, but rather when my entry seems to get a significant number of 'poor' votes. Okay, I'm biased, but I've not submitted any 'poor' photos, and I don't vote 'poor' on anyone else's that at least meets the subject of the challenge. That's the part that irks me. Those 'poor' votes seem to be cast more for the purpose of harming my chances than as any real assessment of the worth of my entry.

And it's not just me and my own photos where I've noticed this. Far from it - I've seen some winners and excellent photos which received the lowest possible score from some of those voting on the challenge. Nobody could seriously believe that such photos were 'poor' but they were voted that way by some people.

Anyone so desperate as to down-rate the competition's entries or do other things to 'cheat' probably would take satisfaction in winning by whatever means they employed.

I have decided to take the results of these challenges with a huge grain of salt. If I do well, then fine; if I don't, oh well. Don't let it get to you. There's a lot more important stuff in this world to get upset about.

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