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Newguy703 wrote:

personally I think you european people downplay the dangers in your society, we in America are more independent people, we fought a war because we were tired of being "subjects", all people in the EU are subjects of the EU now, I know for sure parts of Russia are not where you want to carry an expensive camera or lens as for you englanders you may have banned guns but your criminals still have guns and physical force. I have forwarded the video to all my photog frineds, yes in America some of us will fight back if you rob us because we can. Russia Mexico etc etc lots of places to watch out for

...yet another one !

OMG..... How much I am happy to be one of these stupid europeans....

I know we have a lot of defects, but at least we don't have crazy serial-killers or bombers killing dozens or more people in school, streets, etc... every week !

Be happy, Newguy703, now you're also on my IGNORE list !


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