the D4x is coming.

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Re: the D4x is coming.

f bass wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

We shall see. I have been wrong before - but right more often. I really think the D4x would have sports shooters as primary customers. Sometimes dim lighting - sometimes really rough conditions (think about a football photographer being blown over by a 250 pound running back). I think a higher fps and higher ISO, combined with a really tough camera will go a long ways. But that's just an opinion (I worked my way through college as a sports photographer and got knocked on my a$$ many times.)

Nikon has that already in the D4. All you have to look at is the way Nikon placed the D3 and D3X in their lineup. D3 for sports,action, event photography,D3X for product,portrait,and landscape photography. If there is going to be a D4X I think it will be the same difference,with a much higher pixel count for the D4X,and my guess higher than the D800 to justify the price difference. Jim

Exactly what I was saying.    The only niche left for a D4X and the only one the single digit "X" cameras have ever tried to fill is the ultra high resolution, low fps, landscape/studio/fine art stuff.  My guess is the D4X will be around 48-54 megapixels, be between 3 and 5 fps, and have no low pass filter. Anything less simply would not compete well enough with the D800 or D800E to make people spend the 8-10 grand the D4X will probably cost instead of just getting a D800 or D800E.

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