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Re: Thieves in St. Petersburg stealing a camera lens from a tourist

These guys aren't robbers, they are thieves.   They steal by subterfuge and distraction, not with weapons.    You can defeat them, if you are alert and know how they operate.

Any time, on the street, on a bus, in a market, etc, you are suddenly surrounded by or pressed in by people, or your way is blocked where it wasn't a moment before, an alarm should go off in your head.   Forget politeness, start pushing hard and immediately get clear.

Also, when someone on the street is 'showing you something', artwork, magazines, etc, anything that is blocking your field of vision, same thing.   Push and get away.    They do this a lot in outdoor cafes as well.   Your cell phone on the table, guy walks up with stuff in his hands to show you, holds it over your phone.    When he leaves, phone is gone.

On public transport, look for the guy near you with a jacket draped over his arms.

Guy in the video is too busy being polite, smiling, getting hypnotized by the sudden jocular sales patter and stuff under his face.    "No, thank you."   He should be pushing hard.    These guys have the practice and element of surprise.   And they only need 5 seconds.  You have to react quickly.

The final stroke of genius of these street thieves was the misdirection guy at the end.   Camera man noticed his lens was gone, and actually lunged after the right guy.   His hand was inches from his lens, and then misdirection man taps him on the shoulder and points the other direction, sending him the wrong way.   These guys are good.     Stay alert out there!

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