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Re: I think I understand "Future user" game.....

Newguy, actually it is you and the whole conceal carry racially motivated mob that I fear in this country.  That life and a crime scenario plays out like a movie where all the bad guys wear black hats and the music tells you what's going on.  I really fear that you are taking us down the tubes with your fear of other groups, racial profiles, all of your ill conceived stereotypes, and your incessant worship of the "gun", the gun that will be your savior.

Yet it is the very one that instills doubt, fear, plus being much to available in a moment of anger, a false sense superiority leading to arrogance.  A hand shake is with an open palm to show you carry no weapon, now I don't know if you are smiling because you are packing or not.  Wanna go back to the wild west, just remember that Wyatt Earp, and all sheriffs and marshall's main job was to unload those packing from coming into town.  Don"t take your gun to town son

Want to work for a more just society, then join it and not just set up a wall of hate and violence by "packing".  A completely false sense of security and one other important point if this be your desire.  Where would Christ or Budda have carried their glocks, right leg, folds of the robe, hmmmm.  Not racist in nature you say----every photo I see, of those avocating, seem to be 30 somethings, base ball capped, and basically all white males.  Let some other racial profile group becomes avocates and the screams of fear will rebound from those very same avocates.

I truly doubt that if you had been in that situation that you would have pulled and plugged, you would have been to confused and not sure(just as the victim was), but the worst thing we can do as a human is to blame all of one group, country, race, social status for our woes--then shoot them--then claim that we are superior in our ways-----------ron s.

Newguy703 wrote:


personally I think you european people downplay the dangers in your society, we in America are more independent people, we fought a war because we were tired of being "subjects", all people in the EU are subjects of the EU now, I know for sure parts of Russia are not where you want to carry an expensive camera or lens as for you englanders you may have banned guns but your criminals still have guns and physical force. I have forwarded the video to all my photog frineds, yes in America some of us will fight back if you rob us because we can. Russia Mexico etc etc lots of places to watch out for

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