Pentax as first DSLR?

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Mike Hiran
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Re: K 85mm f1.8

yardcoyote wrote:

True. That is one of the things I'm finding most confusing about the move to digital. That and being able to change the ISO with every shot. I used to have a little frame stuck to the back of my camera to hold the top flap of a film box so I'd remember that little fact. Sigh.

I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to change ISO (or ASA) on the fly... I just take it for granted that I can choose my aperture and shutter speed and unless I'm in a dark area, the camera will choose an acceptable ISO to get proper exposure.  This is a unique Pentax mode by the way - it's called TAV.  It's very handy when you want a certain depth of field while needing to maintain shutter speeds to induce or reduce subject motion blur.

One thing I love about the k30/k50/k5 (they all use pretty much the same sensor) is how good their high ISO shots are - I use mine regularly up to iso 6400, sometimes up to 12800 if there's no choice.  Of course I could use the flash, but generally, if I'm taking candids, I'd rather not be that conspicuous.  Anyways, it's just a nice option to have.

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