Pentax as first DSLR?

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Mike Hiran
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Re: K 85mm f1.8

William Koehler wrote:

yardcoyote wrote:

I loved, and love, my 85 mm and it might be worth buying a new camera just to use it again.

Just keep in mind the FOV of the lens on a APS-C sensor camera body will be the same as a ~130mm lens on your old FF film camera bodies. Otherwise, Enjoy!

Also keep in mind a 55mm lens will have an equivalent field of view as a 82.5mm lens!   The current AF version of the 55mm lens by Pentax is called the DA*55 1.4 and it is an amazing portrait lens.  It's also weather sealed.

For macro work, there are quite a few options with Pentax - but the DFA100 f2.8 WR is awesome.  It's small, sharp, has rounded aperture blades for smoother bokeh, and is weather resistant.  I love rain drops on flowers... But Tamron and Sigma both make great macros for a bit less $$ than the Pentax.  There are also some very good legacy macro lenses - my M50 f4 macro is about as sharp a lens that I've found and takes great images.  I've heard good things about old Vivitars and a few others too.  When it comes to macros, manual focus is no big deal especially if you have focus peaking like on the k30 or k50.

You asked earlier if a WR lens was recommended.  If you go where there is weather, and I don't know of a place that doesn't , then yes, I would get one.  The DA18-55 WR is a pretty good lens and it can give you piece of mind when the skies open up or if you're at the beach on a windy day.  I wouldn't use it in a hurricane but in mid heavy rain, I'd have no problems.  And for $200 or less, it won't set you back too much for an all weather system.  The DA50-200 WR is another good value and the DA18-135 wr, though more expensive, has a really good range and the picture quality is a step up from the DA18-55 wr.  Higher up than that are the DA* models - way more $$, but really good image quality and with faster apertures.

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