Am I doing it right? (DSC HX300)

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Re: Am I doing it right? (DSC HX300)

drvvs wrote:

Hi, I am a beginner in photography. I haven't yet progressed from the "Auto" mode. Here are a few photos taken with my new HX300. The images have been compressed. Please give your valuable suggestions for improvement.

Well, overall the photos are pretty good, (Could use some post-processing for sharpness to make them "Pop" but that can wait till you have mastered somewhat the photography phase.
I Really like the Frog shot and would not do anything different...Excellent shot!

A gentle tend to be more eye appealing when the subject is...divide the frame into 9 parts like a tic-tac-toe board and place the subject in any square but the center one. For instance....the first shot the flower seems to be pointing left so place it to the right side of the frame. One disadvantage of using auto is the cams will tend to use wider F:stops (4.5 etc") and higher ISO speeds to minimize blurriness which is usually not the ideal shooting settings. Shooting zoomed in thru 1200mm is really pushing the limits handheld IMO. I have very steady hands but most times I try to use at least a monopod. For general landscapes flowers etc give "A" mode a try locking ISO to 100 and choosing f:Stop 6.3 for basic landscapes or for flowers such as last shot try 4.5 to try to blur out background which is kinda hard to get (Need experimentation). The lower the F:stop number in theory the less Depth of Field is in focus and higher the number the more is in focus from front to back of photo. This is how I try to take handheld photos with my cams, especially the HX300...I use the viewfinder/keep camera tight to my head/face. Cradle the lens in your left hand and if you put your right thumb under the cam opposite the shutter button it will counter resistance when pressing shutter button. Tuck my elbows tight against my body/halfpress the shutter button/keeping focus locked/breathe in/breathe out/take photo by following thru with shutter button/BREATHE for stability of camera

Just my 2 Cents worth HTH

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