FZ70 Announced. Is This Just Another Frankencamera?

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Re: Lens is not Leica Re: FZ70 Announced. Is This Just Another Frankencamera?

sherman_levine wrote:

bolador wrote:

Omg! Is had a typo.... meant Leica.. not local...

There is a LEICA sign in the front.
And at panasonic page they states a Leica lens.

So I think this must be clarified....
Is it a Leica or a DVD manufacturer (matsushita?) lens???

I think Panasonic has always manufactured the lens itself, to Leica design/specifications


I think you're correct, Sherm.  In any case, this forum has had many threads on the subject for almost 10 years (that's as far back as I go) but I'm not sure the subject had much worth or there were any conclusions to alleged differences in the alleged lenses. 

Chasing megapixels?  Chasing zoom range?  Chasing real German lenses?


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