is either the D4 or D800 doing well for VIDEO??

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Re: is either the D4 or D800 doing well for VIDEO??

Aaron WillisChang wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

Aaron WillisChang wrote:

I'm a working professional videographer, 9-5 in-house corporate (yes, we exist), and I can tell you we treat DSLRs as any other video camera we use, and actually in many cases preferable. That said, we make up for all the shortcomings (support/audio/interfacing/etc). We are using DSLRs purely for the lenses and the sensor. All the disadvantages, and there are a lot, we fix with other means. We manual focus, we use proper mics, we use monitors, magic lantern, steadicams, etc etc etc. Not your typical YouTube filmmaker. Think Phillip Bloom.

And DSLRs are not seen as any less worthy than other cameras. And we use Canon, because they are decidedly better for many reasons in video.

As a D4 owner, however, I can tell you that all else equal (aka, switching out the 5d3 on a fully-rigged setup), the D4 performs terribly. The quality is just not good. IQ is not there. 2.7 crop mode helps a bit, but you lose a lot of the benefit of using those fancy lenses in the first place.

The D800 is better at the raw output, but I have limited experience with it. But definitely noticeably better than the D4. Sadly.

What do you think of the Panasonic GH-3 as a video solution? Would that be competition for Canon on the video side?

What about Blackmagic Cine cameras, how do they fit into this for a video only solution.

I personally haven't handled the GH-3, but I have seen others use the GH-2. And again, it's the same argument. They aren't video cameras, so why would people use them for video? Pure. Image. Quality. The sensor. The processing. The output they get. That's what matters - all the other shortcomings are taken care of as they always have - tripods, steadicams, external audio, lighting, etc etc etc.

Same goes for the Black Magic - it's got a great sensor, with amazing DR and clarity.

The benefit of these small form cameras over their larger counter parts is only that they're lighter when they're packed in your bag.

That's it.

Well that is easy then speaking generally just use a dedicated video camera. The Canon top consumer model and entry level pro model XA-20 have the same sensor, just a difference in features like a full size shoe vs a mini or XLR input ability vs none and that comes with a $500 difference before you even get the accessories.

I shot the GH-3 with their 12-35 & 35-100 2.8 and yes you do need a rig even as basic as a Cam Caddie to steady the shot and for long periods a tripod with fluid head is needed at least for me.

The other short coming is the method of how you zoom the lens.  You do it manually (carefully) get an attachment to do it if it is available VS a video camera with a easily controlled toggle/rocker.

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