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Re: I think I understand "Future user" game.....

JP Scherrer wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

As for the child and his "weapon", well, what to say? Words fail me actually. I have to assume that you are having a bit of a laugh here, but in case you are being serious, just how do you expect to be able to travel internationally with a concealed weapon? Are you planning on seeing the world by bus? Take that attitude anywhere with you and you'll quickly end up cold in the bottom of a ditch, minus your camera and minus your silly "weapon". It's precisely this misguided belief that carrying a concealed weapon offers any kind of protection that puts society's vulnerable, like yourself, at risk in the first place in these situations. Please stay put in your parents' basement.

He's simply joking and having a great time reading our "shocked" comments !

...or else he's a real idiot !

In any case, answering his posts or taking about him is a loss of time ! I have put him in my IGNORE list !


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I guess this person is a danger to the innocent too... He seems to be 'trigger happy' (whether the concealed weapon is a gun or knife) imagine bumping into someone like that accidentally and getting the 'I didn't know' response after the injury.

I don't know, but I would imagine the gun lobby dread this type of reactionary.

As has been said use the brain; keep away from trouble, lonely places and get insurance cover.


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