3rd Party Magnesium alloy MB-D12 for Nikon D800/D800E SLR

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Re: 3rd Party Magnesium alloy MB-D12 for Nikon D800/D800E SLR

Some updates since I bought the magnesium grip, and those are:
- perceived build quality is very very good but I don't believe it is magnesium
but another lighter metal alloy. Minor issue IMO. Quality seems good.
- Buttons are positive although not as the original. Again no problem IMO.
- Rubbers are excellent but I don't know if they resisted in the hot summer
and not come off, unstick.
- AA show battery level like the original does, not the percentage but status bars, FULL-ABOUT HALF-EMPTY.
The bad things:
- When battery of the grip is exausted, an ugly "Err" is displayed and the
photo you just take may be half or black. To reset Err you must take grip
off and take out battery of the body.
- I have the suspicion that grip "eats" battery capacity from the battery
of the body when IDLE in a more than normal way. Not a serious issue
if you use the camera a lot.
- I have the suspicion that the grip damages the original battery in some way (maybe a shortcut) because mine is on level "2" in battery life
although it has just taken 10000 photos only. But maybe th battery I have (original) is
problematic from factory, I don't know.
-The joystick selector is not very positive. I stopped using it instead I preferred the main camera's selector.
-If AA batteries you insert is old and teared , camera shows Err without
taking photo or switching to body battery.
- It is about 50 grams lighter than D700 original grip, something says that.

I ordered DSTE grip and the DSTE 3900 battery to try.

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