FZ70 Announced. Is This Just Another Frankencamera?

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Re: I am very afraid..,

Not all.  I started with a real camera shop in a smaller town, and doing my homework in the local library at age 16.  That was 1955.  back then, if you wanted to buy a good camera, you went to a dedicated store and talked to the knowledgeable people there.  You could buy a Kodak at the local drugstore; but big box stores didn't exist.

Come to think of it, back in 1955 malls were pretty scarce.

My interest in better pictures came from my grandmother, who used a twin lens reflex.  It wasn't a Rollei; but it took much better pictures than my Kodak  Brownie Target 620.  But I wanted to get away from reflex viewing and that lead me to rangefinders.  The final decision back in 1955 was whether to go with an Ansco roll film camera or the Argus C4 35 mm.  The local shop owner talked me into the C4 kit with lightmeter, flash, and everready case and when I graduated from high school that year I used my graduation money to buy the kit.

I've never been an impulse buyer, money was too hard to come by for one thing, but I've always read up on the subject first.  That habit pattern doesn't seem to have occured in more recent, more afluent generations - hence my use of "mall shopper" for people who don't do their homework and either buy on impulse, or on supeficial specifications with no real depth of understanding.

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