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jennyrae wrote:

my opinion is raynox is best because of easy use, control and average cost. extension tube cheapest but not easy for composition because of length, loss of aperture control and light. 60mm is nice but expensive. buy raynox for 85mm cost 50 or 100 dollar depending on how much magnification. 85mm is very nice for macro because of high resolution. can use lens at f16. try it.

There are electronic macro tubes for NX lenses that maintain full aperture control and autofocus and are very cheap ($50-60 US or so).  Search ebay for "Samsung NX Tubes"

I think the 45mm is the best for macro, at least with tubes.  The 85mm doesn't have very good resolution at minimum focus distance and large aperture, and this is even worse with tubes.  However, if you are at f/8+ it is probably fine, as most of the softness is gone, like you say at f/16 it is probably no problem, but it does cause issue for the focus if you attempt autofocus since it focuses at f/1.4.

To the original poster:

Given the choice between the 45mm with tubes and 60mm without, I would generally prefer the 60mm (easier to use).  However, the 45mm is fairly close and much cheaper, and the tubes take up much less space in the bag.

Since you have all those lenses, I would get the tubes and use those, and you can also get an optical converter for your favorite (like a Raynox).

My experience with the 85mm and 60mm though is that they are very much targeted towards different uses.  The 85mm is steller at mid to longer subject distances and the macro for mid to close.  The 85 is not great at close distances and the macro not great at infinity.


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