Cokin Z-Pro/X-Pro with 16-35

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Re: Cokin Z-Pro/X-Pro with 16-35

rbarta wrote:

RayDee wrote:

I have the Z-Pro and did a slot setup modification where the lens adapter actually sits before the plate in the last filter slot. The slots are configurable for a reason...

Here is a forum post on POTN describing the procedure.

I first time see this modification, very interesting. I use Z-Pro holder. I saw another modification suggestion but not convenient when you need to change lenses. I guess this one is similar.

Downside is that you cannot easily exchange the lens adapter when you switch to a different filter diameter.

I heard about the filter holder modification and tried it. It helped a lot but it was still vignetting, would probably be fine on a 17-40 (I have the 16-35 II, 82mm dia. If the orig 16-35 filter size is smaller it might work on that). I guess I just want it to be perfect. I think the only complete solution would be to go with the z-pro and beg companies to make a 9 or 10 stop ND for it. I will be writing them for that but in the meantime I am going to try the B+W circular 10 stop ND and give up on being able to also use a grad ND.

I used to have vignetting issue (actually just one corner has obvious blue mark) with Singh-Ray LB polarizer filter in Z-Pro holder with 17-40L and 24-105L (both have 77mm adapter size) when it rotates to a specific degree. But now I sold 17-40L and use 17mm TS-E instead (which doesn't accept filters anyway), and replaced 24-105L with 24-70L/2.8 II. Suddenly this annoying vignetting issue goes away by itself as I guess 24-70L II is on 82mm ring adapter. So I am happy now as I have no plan to buy a UWA zoom as 17mm TS-E serves that purpose.

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