Another travel lens - what would you do? question

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Re: Another travel lens - what would you do? question

Why don't you hire a 24-120VR and see if the IQ is acceptable to you? I'm sure you're a lot bigger than me physically and I can tell you that I would not wish to be carrying a heavy camera and lenses for so many hours on end. It would become very tiring and I would probably lose all interest in taking pics, not to mention I wouldn't enjoy the experience because of the discomfort and fatigue. Minimise the weight you are carrying - you will appreciate this after a few hours walking up steep narrow roads, in hot weather, with tourists barging into you from all angles!

I wouldn't look to carry a separate lens for every eventuality. I would just take one good zoom that is lightish and that has VR (which will be very handy). You will still get amazing photos - your experience, skill and the fact that you have a great camera will make sure of this.

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