is either the D4 or D800 doing well for VIDEO??

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Re: I didn't like it

BasiliskPhoto wrote:

Full frame DSLRs (I include current offerings from Canon Nikon and Sony, which are all pretty capable) are no substitute for a point and shoot video camera, any more than they are the best option for a point and shoot stills camera.

Instead they should be compared with proper video cameras like Canon C300 or Sony FS100. They need to be used properly, but can produce moving images of comparable quality. Most the shortcomings can be overcome, and even with the additional cost they are much cheaper overall than the C300 or FS100. They are also much more compact and lighter, giving cheaper options for rigging and tripods. That screen on the back can definitely be used for real-time manual focussing - but it needs lots of practice, and lenses with good focus rings (think legacy to save money - you are only resolving 1080 lines), and a hood loupe is not a bad idea.

External audio is not that expensive (Zoom recorders for instance) and as pointed out, the built in audio track is plenty good enough to provide sync. Built-in mics on even the best video cameras are not good enough for pro use as they pick up noise from handling the camera.

+1` for Zoom recorders.  When doing speeches etc I leave the Zoom on the head table (recording the whole section) and am then free to move around.. mess with the angles, zoom in on heads, operate the noisy switches/wheels/ live view on off etc and still have clean audio.

I think a lot of stills photographers do not realise that shooting good video is much harder work than stills - but these cameras can produce great results if you put the work in. If you just want quick and easy video, use your phone - it is much easier to get everything in focus with a tiny sensor.

agree here too. you have to think video.. not stills. Simple thing like letting the video recording run on after people walk completely out of scene.. if you cut it before they go out of frame you have to mess with a hard cut.. crossing the line is another example of bad video work.

If you want to see examples how modern editing is done.. just watch the next  program on TV and watch for the cuts or cutaways.. transitions are very rare!

Comparisons with very high end video is fine if that's the requirement. I still compare (D7000 and D600 HD video) with my last (DV cam... .. there isn't any comparison!

I don't have the clients to justify additional costs.. most of my (typical) clients don't see any difference between the two HD (1920 or 1280) resolutions either.

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