New Macbook Pro.. Lightroom issues !

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Re: New Macbook Pro.. Lightroom issues !

dantheman92 wrote:

Hey ! On my old Mac I would always upload my photos in Lightroom directly to my external harddrive, but on my new Mac I have a bigger HD so I am uploading them directly to the HD and now when the CF card isn't plugged in even after an upload the magazine thumbnails say photo could not be found.. How do I change this so I can delete them off the memory card ?

You have lightroom set to 'add' the imported images and not 'copy' them. This way lightroom knows about the images but expects them to remain where you left them. IE on the CF card.

At the top of the import dialogue will be "Copy as DNG, Copy, Move, Add" and I would wager you have yours set to 'Add'
Change it to copy and select an appropriate destination on the right.

Then when you import the images will be copied to the appropriate location.

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