"I dream of wires"... are you kidding me?

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Re: "I dream of wires"... are you kidding me?

it's just a fact of life. you are trying to make a point where all is just about taste. the same principle applies even with "professional" critics and judges let alone when it comes to some forum where most of the people are even still learning photography. those who voted simply liked someone else's photo better than yours. there's no drama in that and no complicated conclusions to make. the winning picture was the one which was liked by most people. it's best to just not get affected by that because it doesn't really mean anything. just do what you like and don't be bothered by the taste of others.

I took part to 2 or 3 challenges and I never really ranked too well quite the opposite. on the other hand my photos were picked for an exhibition that was supposed to showcase the latest achievement in the field of contemporary art photography in my country and I was glad but stayed down to earth knowing that instead of me they could just pick someone else. so, to me all is relative.

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