D800 Screen is too bright and shows under exposed images as properly exposed and vice versa...

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Re: turn down LCD brightness

Evil Genius wrote:

Kerry Pierce wrote:

FWIW, I've always turned down the LCD brightness on most of my Nikon bodies, precisely because it is normally too bright for image reviews. IME, it isn't all that much trouble to turn it down to where it is reasonably close to what the exposure should be.

As the others have said, I don't use it for judging exposure, where the histogram and even the blinking highlights are a better tool.


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Is there a sweet spot or ideal setting?

It depends on ambient lighting. A -1 setting might suit for indoor lights but will look like it is underexposed in bright sun light. If your problem is the preview when you show it to your clients in the studio, I would just find a setting (probably -1 or -2) that looks good in your studio.

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