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Re: Speedster..

Well, thank you for that compliment even though you can't really judge such a thing from a few posts on an internet forum - I might be stupider than you think

I really do respect your way of doing this shot and I applaud your creativity - it takes a lot of guts posting such a photo but I maintain I personally would have liked a little less movement over the boat itself. Like a light version yours in this shot. With that said, I wouldn't want you do it any other way if your intention was the result you got - I guess I just have to look at it differently to appreciate it more. Got any more shots from there and then?

LouHolland wrote:

Fixxxer, You wrote "Perhaps I'm stupid", well I wouldn't name you that way as I think you are a intelligent lady or man. However bringing the movement only to the background or only to the boat is common point of view in photography and I decided not to follow that regular viewpoint. So that means I take the risk for reactions like this one from you, and I accept that as it associated with this thread. I'm glad with your candid opinion.



Fixxxer wrote:

Hello Lou,

Perhaps I'm stupid or something but I don't get this one... If you wanted the boat to have the movement I think it would look better with a little less so on it. Or not at all on the boat but just the background and water. As it looks now I think it's just too much movement in the photo. The eye can't focus on anything at all and that's quite unsettling... but I very much would like to hear your idea with the photo having it the way it is. It is a bit experimental so maybe I'm just missing the point?

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