is either the D4 or D800 doing well for VIDEO??

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Re: Aaron

Zvonko wrote:

will the D800 perform as well as the Canon? Can I use the D800 instead of the Canon now?

If I can... I'll buy a few of them.

I have a PCYC keen to help and I want to make a film. Everyone benefits. If things work out well enough I'll be the reason they get more government funding. My own funding is my own pocket.

I can make a film. They reap the cool factor.

Like I said, I have limited experience with the D800. I just remember it being noticeably sharper than the D4, but the high-ISO in video was quite atrocious.

If I were you, I'd get the two models in question in my hands, whether that be by rental/borrowing/buyingthenreturning, whatever. And test it out yourself. Look at what matters to YOU. I might prefer the color rendition of the D800 over the 5d3, but maybe that's not important to you. Maybe noise performance in video is more important, and you like the 5d for that.

Don't waste your time with them on testing out features/buttons/etc. You can do that now, research online what each camera offers (and more importantly) what they DON'T offer. By the time you get them in your hands you should know how to use them already, and know what they can and cannot do. Occupy yourself solely with the quality of their output.

Unless you're doing run-and-gun videos, ease-of-use and ergonomics should be on the bottom of your list of priorities as a film maker.

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